DAN Europe VP Laura Marroni Inducted into Women Divers Hall Of Fame

New Jersey, 25th March 2024 - DAN Europe’s Exec. Vice President Laura Marroni has just been inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame (WDHOF), in recognition of her efforts to promote diving safety.

The WDHOF announced the selection of seven new Members last December 8. The newest inductees have been celebrated during an official ceremony, which was held on March 23, 2024 at Beneath The Sea, Meadowlands Convention Center Seacaucus, New Jersey (USA).

“I feel deeply grateful and honored for becoming a member of the Women Divers Hall Of Fame, a prestigious organization composed of amazing women who dedicated their lives to the underwater world”, declared Mrs. Marroni.

”I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to the wonderful people who supported my nomination: Dan Orr, Betty Orr, Alessandro Marroni, Jarrod Jablonski, Michael Menduno, Morne Christou and the now fellow sister Chantelle Taylor-Newman”.

“Over the past few decades, much has been done to increase the safety of our sport” - continued Mrs. Marroni. “This includes divers' education, procedures, and technological advancements in scuba gear, but also emergency response, scientific research and first aid training for diving accidents. Today, I am particularly proud to be able to work with our extended team of DAN researchers, analysts and volunteers on new projects focusing on enhanced dive profiles analysis and new telemedicine tools, for the benefit of the community”.

Laura has grown up by the sea, and embarked on her diving journey at the tender age of eight. Today, she stands as a highly skilled technical and cave diver, and a fervent advocate for advancements in the safety of professional and recreational diving. After earning a Bachelor of Economics and MBA, she started serving as Executive Vice President at DAN Europe, taking the lead in various research projects focused on understanding the physiological effects of diving on the human body. Her ultimate aim is to enhance safety measures in all types of diving and make diving an increasingly accessible and sustainable activity.

The six other fellow sisters who will constitute the Class of 2024 are: Ronnie Damico (Instructor, Scientific Diving Officer, NAUI Board Member), Elizabeth Kintzing (Educator, Scientific Diver, Ocean Advocate), Mikki McComb-Kobza (Explorer, Conservationist, Educator), Robyn McGinn (Navy Diving Program Manager), Penelope “Mossy” Powell (First Woman Cave Diver, posthumous), Samantha Whitcraft (Conservation Biologist, Oceans Advocate, Environmentalist).



Founded in 1999, the Women Divers Hall of Fame (WDHOF) acknowledges women divers who have made outstanding contributions to the exploration, understanding, safety and enjoyment of our underwater world. WDHOF supports the underwater world and its associated careers by promoting opportunities in diving through grants, scholarships, internships and mentoring, as well as providing a worldwide network of industry contacts. There are 263 Members in the Hall, hailing from 30 U.S. states and Territories and 22 countries worldwide. New Members are selected on an annual basis.

About DAN Europe

DAN Europe exists to assist and protect all divers through the most extensive and reliable network of diving physicians worldwide. The organisation is known to offer the community pioneering services, including the first-ever insurance designed specifically for divers. DAN also conduct scientific research to better understand diving physiology and share that knowledge with the goal of making diving a safer, more accessible activity. First aid educational programs have been developed, to preserve life in and out of the water. We recognise the unique beauty and fragility of the Blue Planet, and act as ambassadors for more sustainable practices within our community.

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